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to nature

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Piano Room Recordings 2020 - Restful Solo Harp 2021  

Listen to fresh and spontaneous piano music from my stay in Belgium. A small fundraisers for my upcoming album.

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Striking the chord of Sunlight


How do you want this world to be?

Music is a bridge between dream and the world of action. It aids us as we draw pathways into form. Every song is a conversation that asks: what matters to you? And we always respond, whether we know this or not.

A song waters seeds asleep in us. It is a branch of dreaming, starting in the unseen, flowering into the visible. Sound is a natural technology of world-changing that can be used for good when we
choose this and nothing less. 

My music brings forward a positive future, where there is no harm for all beings. I play from the place where we are already together and have succeeded in making the world we dream of. Listen, connect, and hear your strength played back to you.


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Upcoming music

Celtic Harp, Piano, Guitars, Lutes & Flutes, Whistles & Zithers & Dulcimers, Vocal harmony, Chimes & Bells
and sounds of nature


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I play out of freedom and celebration, and am working full-time on my album.

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