Owen Hanner

Pure Love & Celebration through many instruments.

Teaching intuitive playing, reclaiming your creative expression.
I play freely, from joy, to console and harmonise people and places, and to celebrate life and our ever-new potential.

My playing each moment is shaped by nature, the immediate needs of the people, spaces and land around me, and by the rising frequency on this planet, which I shape into melody and harmony.

That rising frequency is what gives such incredible potential to music made
now, at this time on earth. All recordings record the particular bandwidth of that time, as well as the inner state of the musicians involved. Music made now can harness these finer frequencies and bring them deeper into people's lives, in a way that any can delight in. It is medicinal.

Many of us sense the new possibilities for humanity opening up right now. A living heart can feel the world that is coming. A living ear makes of it a melody, and a subtle hand lets it shape the playing, as a bird ascends by consort with the air.

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Pictures by Evi Maes